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Welcome to the

Gino's Vino Wine Club web page!


Do you really like wine?  Well you've come to the right

place!  The Gino's Vino Wine Club has been a tradition

for years, going back to the original Gino's Vino wine

bar in Dallas, TX.  


Every other month, the Gino's Vino Wine Club meets

at the restaurant for tastings/appetizers, and every

month Gino hosts a wine dinner with a unique theme,

multi-course dinner/wine pairings, and guest speaker.    

So c'mon and join the Gino's Vino Wine Club!  There is no cost to join, and it's a great way to meet new fun people. Simply fill out the form below and you'll receive regular emails about Wine Club meetings, Wine Club dinners, special promotions, various wine happenings, goings-on, and more!

Wine Club Meetings - The Gino's Vino Wine Club meets at the restaurant the 2nd Saturday of every other month, at 3PM.  The next meeting is Saturday, March 10, 3PM.   These Wine Club meetings aren't boring, corporate-type meetings with lengthy Powerpoint presentations... they are designed to be fun and social! Attendees will get to taste 4-6 wines (not just one pour, some wines there are 2 to 3 and sometimes 4 tastings if you really like the particular selection).  Also, there are food pairings for each wine.  The meetings last around 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on how chatty everyone gets. The cost to attend a Wine Club Meeting is $35, which covers the cost of the wine and the appetizers that are paired with each wine selection (payment is due at the end of the meeting).   Reserve your spot at the March 10 Wine Club Meeting by filling out the form below (fill in time as 3PM):

Reserve a Table

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Reservation Time & Number In Party

Thanks! You are all set for the Wine Club meeting!

Wine Dinners - Every month Gino's Vino hosts a Wine Dinner, which is a big ol' party with a special theme! So far we've had a Chuck Wagon-themed dinner, an Argentine-themed dinner, a champagne dinner, a Mardi Gras Murder Mystery theme, and more.  The next Wine Dinner will be a Game Of Thrones, held at the restaurant on Monday, April 30...  stay tuned for more details!

Do you have a fun idea for a future Wine Dinner theme?  Email us!   ginosvino1 at 

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